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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PST

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what this bill does is it establishes a public works registration system so any contractor that wants to perform a public works has to be registered as a public works contractor. i believe that was monetarily driven by the state in a sense of generating revenues to oversee the labor compliance program, but nevertheless out has passed. it has an impact on ocii i effective january 1, 2015, we are now required to include in our contract revisions this particular contract that they must be rej sterd. registered. we have to so it's important so that -- those take effect on january 1, 2015 for our subs as far as an impact. i have to say this pertains only to public works as they
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are defined by the state and what that means are infrastructure work, but primarily that will affect us. and finally, on a federal level, the u.s. department of transportation did recently enact their federal rules to 49 cfr regarding the disadvantage enterprise program and those changes were intended to eliminate fraud, control ownership and control criterias. what's unique and may have an impact for ourselves is that there is now a rebuttable presumption that if someone makes more than 150,000 they are no longer considered socially disadvantaged. as i mentioned earlier we no longer certify, we accept governmental certifications from other entities. this may have an impact in terms of denying a woman firm
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dbe certification because of gross revenues. with that said, that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions . >> thank you very much. >> do we have any speaker cards? >> no speaker cards. any member of the public would like to address the commission? okay. commissioners? >> i just had a question, john. slide number six, you have the mbe's break down by ethnicity. can we see what that looks like maybe the last four quarters. it'd be interesting to see how that breakdown has looked. and then on page 7 we talked
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about women owned businesses and i guess page 7 and 8 basically the overall summary of professional services versus construction and supplies. you know, the professional services, those are more sort of, like, the higher paying jobs, right? architects and engineers and all that stuff. >> correct. >> and that has gone up dramatically, but a population like construction workers, they don't make as much as an engineer or architect and we only went up 0.5 and that's the group, you know, that i'm really interested in because they're the ones that need to make the money to stay in san
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francisco. so i would hope that we'd go up on that. more often than not, those construction workers, from what i know, those are the folks that are from san francisco. . yeah. >> they went to mission high school or balboa and those are the folks that we want to see get the jobs so they can stay in san francisco. >> that's been our focus as well. to answer your question about pay, the agency does have a prevailing wage requirement of our contractors on all of our projects. what that basically means is that the state prevailing wage rates for each of the construction job classifications must be paid on our projects so -- >> sure. >> so that's not to say it's not lower than some professionals, but i have to say, that with the prevailing wage rates, they may in fact
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be even higher with overtime and so forth. it's good career opportunities, no doubt about that, particularly for san francisco residents. i think the challenge is ensuring there's an adequate pool of individuals who want to go into the construction industry because of the hard demands on the body, the labor. it is a challenge in that respect and i agree, we've been focusing as well on construction and construction activities because that is where, moving forward, a lot of the activity will be taking place. to answer your question regarding mbe data, we will do our best to try to get information from the past. prior to that we didn't collect it so what we've done with the last report that was performed was made an attempt, at the very least to collect the minority woman data
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moving forward so to the extent that we can go back and look at the firms that have been awarded contracts and paid to the extent that we can match that to any known public database where we can get that minority woman data we'll make an attempt to. >> okay, and then i guess my last comment is more about, you know, you had alluded to the 50% versus the 30 % that the rest of the city has an, you know, we said 50% because we were very intentional about it and i was only commission back in the day when that 50% came up around i know we got some resistance from some of the trade unions and all that about why we want 50% local hire and my response was that this is 100% city of san francisco resources. land, ability to build. so 50% is actually not that bad.
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it's a good deal. you get 100% and all we're asking for is 50. we were intentional about that, we wanted to go higher than the normal because we want to put our people to work and that's going to allow people to get good jobs and stay here so the more we can get closer to that 50 and more we can surpass the city's 30, the beer. better. >> agreed. >> commissioner mondejar. >> i just wanted to ask -- i asked this question before, so on slide 6, minority business, enterprise break down, not all these mbes are san francisco based, correct? they are -- >> that is correct, yes. >> okay. so -- >> we'll make a point to provide -- >> yes, it would be nice to
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see both, you know, from a geographic standpoint and dem demographic from san francisco to get a sense of who's working in san francisco. i was very encouraged by your report on alice griffith residents working, you know, on infrastructure projects. that was very encouraging. that was one. the second question that i had, just to make sure i have this like, again, the wbe numbers and percentages are not minority women. >> oh no, that's combination. >> it is a combination. >> you have minority women. >> so if you were to separate minority women from non minority women, the mbe proponent of it might be higher, correct because you're adding women -- we're not double counting, are we? >> because these are
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informational purposes we've just pulled them out exactly as they have represented so when you say double counted i guess it is double counted -- it's really not double counting, all we did was pull the information out so -- >> i guess my question is, if you have a business that's a minority, owned by a minority woman, does it show up in both places? >> currently it does. >> okay. i would say that for future reporting it would be gootd to kind of look at that drill down because i don't want the numbers to be inflated essentially, or overinclusive when looking at these numbers, sort of like a report card analysis, that's how well we are doing and how well our developers are doing.
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this is slide eight, construction and supplies. this includes everybody that's an sbe. >> correct, yes. >> both from geographic and gender, everyone with an sbe is in there? >> including the san francisco businesses and so forth, correct. >> that would be good going forward to break it down to get a sense of all the sbes, how many are mbes or mwbes versus elsewhere.
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full employment, i don't think i've ever heard that in construction. i made a joke because it sounds like the tech industry. your comment is that during construction you can basically get a job here, you know. you're a very viable candidate, the same way it is in the tech industry. so on the work force, i guess my question is, i remember the last report that i thought was very hopeful and i'm not expecting it on every report, but it was a comparison of our program versus the city's program, but there were demographics if there that i found interesting about percentages for instance. commissioner, at the time of the report of all city workers -- all workers on city jobs
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to which local hire ordinance applies, latinos were something like 38% of all workers and 52% of the san francisco based workers, which i thought was pretty amazing because its's certainly higher than the demographic representation of latinos so that kind of demographic data would be interesting on our projects if we have it. >> in attachments b 1 and 2 we provided aggregation of minority data, but to the extent that we can -- we'll break it out in the future. >> i think it ties it into all these things, who's coming into town. it ties into housing issues and all that. i think -- overall i think it's a very good report, a very encouraging report. i do like the forward
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thinking of work force challenges ahead, you know, what to do about creating that pipeline of workers since construction for the foreseeable horizon, you're looking at least five years out, if not more of significant work on the horizon. don't want to run out of workers. and if there's folks locally that can be trained to enter the work force i think that obviously is required. i think that's it. those are my only comments. thank you for the report. >> you're wok. welcome. >> do you have any questions? >> clarification actually. commission -- chair rosales, the work force challenges on slide 15. is this ocii's corrective
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measures, suggested corrective measures on slide 15 for work force challenges? is this something you're trying to put into place? >> correct. these are measures that we thought we can try to help in the sense of addressing any potential deficiencies with contractor. >> we are doing this? >> yes. >> yeah. thank you. i just wanted to hear that and then secondly, commissioner bustos referred to professional services. those are not necessarily all, you know, like, lawyers or engineers and architects. these are also some of the contractors are also cleaning companies or i think it was a public security services, i think in hunters point in the park or if i remember correctly. i haven't had a chance to look at all of -- well, the businesses are named but i don't exactly know what they
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do. so professional, personal services like graphic design services, right? >> exactly, yeah. we use heading of professional services, but that is what showing. >> it does include that, but we don't know the percentage of professional consulting services versus personal services. >> we can try to get that data. >> it would be interesting to see. >> i think it's largely what you saw for example on mission bay, soma hotel group. it's usually by professional services that's what we mean, or the proposal block one architects, engineers, graphics, and then on construction and supplies, the framers, electrical engineers the construction sub contractors who have the very pieces -- the grazers, et cetera, and of course the workers. >> i wanted to point out on slide 13 that shows the bar chart, it may not have been
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clear, the presentation is divided by geographic area so when mr. lee talks about bay view hunters point, there's really two projects that are solely sponsored projects and you see that's the best so in fact you're leading by example with well over 50% of the workers on the jobs for doctor davis senior and hunters view. there are, as mr. lee indicated, into our partnership with city build, where we do best on the construction workers side is where there are a lot of resources put towards it so private developer puts resources, the commission, oewd, that's why there 's a lot of focus and it's reflected in the temporary work force hires because there's a lot of dollars, but the city, both public and private dollars so you see
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those tiers in that slide 13. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. please call the next item. >> the next order of business is item 5f, workshop on the revised conceptual design by a proposed 550 tall approximately 700,000 square foot commercial project on transbay five portion of lot 25 and portion of lot 27 located on howard street between beal and main street, transbay redevelopment area, discussion, madam director. >> thank you. commissioners, back in september you entered into exclusive negotiations agreement with galab and the john butt company, they've got a joint venture, but nose are the main entities. as part of that ena there
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were conditions as part of the ena milestone to present design refinements with respect to their conceptual design submitted with reference to their selected proposal and that is what is before you today as a workshop as we come back before you with various other items. so i'd like to ask the acting project manager for transbay to walk you through the proposed design and she'll be joined by members of the development and architecture team. >> good afternoon commissioners and director, i'm acting project manager for the transbay redevelopment project area. as tiffany mentioned, you approved a exclusive negotiation for the dechl of approximately 700,000 square foot office tower on tras bay
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block five located at the corner of howard and beal street. while the team had the highest overall score from the selection panel they didn't receive the highest score on design therefore we requested that they revise those designs for the neighborhood. we requested they improve the ground floor by adding retail and making the space more inviting to pedestrians. we ask they revise the cladding of the building to make a positive contribution to the public realm. staff has been working closely with the architects and since september to come up with designs before you today. the architect has also brought on the landscape architect to assist with the landscape design and ground floor design.
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the heyer of the team will be filled out in the coming months consistent with the team's work force and action plan and they've brought on monica wilson who will work with did i recollect butler of butler enterprises to rounds out their team and follow our sb e guidelines and goals. since the revised design must comply with select sections of the planning code we've also been working closely with the planning deputy staff to ensure adherence to the code. the developer is also requesting an xngs to the strict bulk requirements in 270 of the code. this is allowable under section 272 of the planning codes and staff has agreed those in exchange for extra 6,000 square foot of ground floor open space and superior overall design all consistent with the planning codes. the transbay cac saw these
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designs and reviewed them at their november 6 cac meeting and unanimously approved the designs. i'll now turn it over to -- oh, first let me say that i'm joined -- if the development team and their partners could stand up. there's a lot here to answer questions, but scot from guess partners is going to present their revised conceptual design. >> thank you. good afternoon. my name is scott with gech partners. i'll try to go through these roughly 50 slides somewhat expedited fashion to really explain where we are with respect to the design and changes that have been made over the last several weeks. we'll start with -- you obviously have a hard copy in front of you that goes through some of our preliminary analysis of the site which takes into a count how we as
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designers how we address the site and we went back and kind of looked again and probably can make more of an impact with this design. first off, this site has been revised to indicate the process of acquiring the real one corner site that ownership is in the process of getting so now thinking aud autd as one piece of hand about 29,000 square feet. if you're not familiar with the exact location of the site, it's here in red, so bounds by primarily at howard and beal intersection so we did take a look at the context and other buildings that were in the area because we want this building to blends and we want it to be special and unique as well so we looked at the characteristics of the site with respect to the logistics of the circulation as well as the weather
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patterns. and we really focused in on two things with this redesign effort, maximizing the views towards the bay and bay bridge and maximizing the views to the transbay terminal rooftop. i think there's a new opportunity for terraces that were situated on one corner. now we've situated them facing those views. this page here represents the previous design that we were at with the rfp and it shows where we were with all the terraces on the southeast corner of the tower and also the second image is the beal looking south along beal and then the third image is looking up north on main. and the ground floor plan from the previous design and this is where a significant amount of comments were with respect to things to improve and we took those very seriously as to how we could make a more
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successful ground floor plan. some of the comments were of course the lobby size, the amount of retail and the loading situation along the toma and i'll address those with the new plan. with the revised concept design we look at a series of design generators. we have a process with this where we look at more of an angular theme with this particular concept. this is a massing diagram that explains how the building is generally formed, where it comes from a singular block. we have a large podium that relates in height to a transbay terminal rooftop and carve out from the mass the terraces you see on the north west corner and southeast corner.
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these terraces are geared towards the views towards the bay or above the joining buildings to the east and views towards the rooftop terminal roof. i have to say the screen is distorting it somehow. it's more elongated and we really did look at a nice clean massing as opposed to what we had before, particularly the view along beal. it think it's more simple and a bold clarity to it. so respect to the context, this is a view you may not have this in your hard copies, i apologize for that. this is a view showing how it fits in with the context. this is the aerial view of
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the building illustrating where these terraces are and the massing comes from the large podium trying to meet the ideals of the design guidelines. a large podium, a lower tower and smaller upper tower so we've focused on creating a clean shape of the building that does relate to those guidelines . so with the ground floor plan i'll just zoom into this because this is where the majority of the changes happen with respect to planning on the ground floor. you see a significant amount of retail along beal and howard. what we have on the -- we've reduce d all the loading and brought it down to the lower level so we have one ramp that is both service for parking as well as loading and i think the area in the gray, that could be where we have
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intended to have a bike room and the lobby will be along beal. significantly smaller in size, but still have some height to it so it's a very nice space and then the open plaza along howard where you get the maximized south sun and exposure. we've included some of these ideas. we're early in the process right now so these are just idea generators and what the space could be. the lobby would be a very clean wall. we're not looking to create a separate room. we want this to feel like one con tiguous space and inviting and active space so this is an image represents potential for this space. we look at it as, again, landscape, sculpture art, whatever we can do to bring people in, exhibit it, draw activity into this space.
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we have the podium floors. we're maximizing the site to create the podium up to level nine. then the mid rise plans and then up to level 28 where we have a rooftop terrace on the west side and then we also move -- that's the massing move for the upper tower where it's a significantly smaller mass. these terraces, outdoor terraces, these are views of what we envision the spaces can be and the potential for them. this is an exterior image of what the spaces could be and we are very excited about what the opportunities of what that outdoor amenity can be for the building. we have the elevations showing we're conforming with the height limits and also explaining the general
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massing of the building. sections also explaining the stepping of the building and we have two lower level parking, below grade. it will come down into the first level and loading in the corner. with respect to the site design it's also of critical importance to us and i'll speak for andrea cochran who we've engaged to help us. this is an image that demonstrates we're meeting the open space requirement. we're exceeding it and that's where the plaza space comes in as an amenity we feel at the 6,000 square foot roughly open plaza space along howard and beal. the potential for that space -- and this is did i difficult to read on this screen, but really unique
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elements with respect to what that plaza could be. we want some designed seating opportunities, landscape opportunities, combining the two. structure, that can be art as well as seating opportunities. and then whether there's lighting in the floor, lighting in the ceiling, something that's drawing you in so that's not such a static enveerm. environment. the rooftop terraces, will not only be used, but viewed as well so we want them to have a certain amount of green space and paving so they're usable. we think this image represents the kind of feeling these terraces would invoke. with respect to parcels m 3 and 1, we have focussed on m 1 and understanding that it's really a very clean space. it could be taken over at another time so we're not looking at permanent types of